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Specialized Wirebond Process Configuration on Advanced Multi-Die Package

Anthony R. Moreno, Edwin M. Graycochea Jr., Frederick Ray I. Gomez

Journal of Engineering Research and Reports, Page 1-5
DOI: 10.9734/jerr/2020/v12i417084

Wirebonding process is one important assembly process responsible for providing electrical connections between the silicon die and the external leads of a semiconductor package or device. The process also brings along some challenges as the device becomes more complex and critical.  This paper is focused on the prevention of the broken wire on neck during wirebonding process of an advanced semiconductor package with multi-die configuration. Extensive wire loop character-ization and optimization was done and a specialized wirebonding configuration solution was formulated. Ultimately, the solution prevented high loop and wire sagging that could touch or short-circuit the silicon die. For future works, the configuration could be applied on packages with comparable construction.

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Predicting Soccer Ball Target through Dynamic Simulation

Ying Li, Junxian Meng, Qi Li

Journal of Engineering Research and Reports, Page 6-18
DOI: 10.9734/jerr/2020/v12i417085

The intelligent sports analysis of a soccer ball requires accurately simulating its motion and finding the best design parameters (position and orientation) to kick the ball.  An optimization method is proposed to plan, evaluate, and optimize the traveling trajectory of a soccer ball. The theoretical studies go through the multi-body dynamics modeling, dynamic simulation, and optimal objective modeling Based on Newton second law and Hooke’s law, the motion of a soccer ball is established as the time-dependent ordinary differential equations (ODEs). The expected target is expressed as a function of all design parameters. An example is used to simulate a soccer ball shooting a goal. The result of optimization design has given the most optimal combination of the design parameters, which involve theinitial velocity,initial projectile angle, andinitial orientation angle. This research provides a useful method in predicting the trajectory and adjusting the design parameters for the optimization design of a soccer ball motion.

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A Study of Micro-crack on Surface Mount IC Package

Antonio Sumagpang Jr., Frederick Ray Gomez, Edwin Graycochea Jr.

Journal of Engineering Research and Reports, Page 19-24
DOI: 10.9734/jerr/2020/v12i417086

In integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing industry, package micro-crack and other crack-related flaws are common defect frequently encountered in trim and form process of a surface mount IC package. This paper focused on the prevention of the micro-crack occurrence as it affected the assembly yield performance of the device in focus. Process mapping and defect concentration diagram were done to isolate the location of the defect and the processes involved. Containment and corrective actions were employed to fully narrow down the defect occurrence.  Finally, a 99% improvement on defect parts per million (ppm) reduction was observed after implementation of all corrective actions.

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Behaviour of RC Moment Resisting Regular and Irregular Framed Structures Situated Near and Far to Fault Zone

K. J. Harshitha, R. Sunil, Avinash Gornale

Journal of Engineering Research and Reports, Page 25-36
DOI: 10.9734/jerr/2020/v12i417087

Near fault earthquake record are rich in high frequencies that effects structures for far fault earthquake record lower frequencies is not effects highly in structure. The objective of the study is to be investigating the effect of near-fault and far fault earthquake motion on the response of RC moment resisting regular and irregular structure considering Near and Far situated fault zones. Linear time history analysis G+10 building has carried out for two structures. The effects of Near and Far faults zones were evaluated for G+10 Two structure the ordinary moment resisting frame system was considered for two building as a lateral load-resisting system. For two building time, history analysis was performed under two example earthquake motion Uattarkashi (Almora and Bhatwari) magnitude 6.8 Mw. The peak acceleration v/s time response spectra of the two horizontal components of the two records for Near source earthquake records @ a distance 21.7 km Bhatwari and Far source earthquake records @ a distance 153.5 km of Almora records are taken in virtual data centre of India earthquake records COSMOS Virtual Data Center - Strong Motion Center. For two building and earthquake record, the analysis was carried out for both conditions and compared with fixed base results for all analysis both Near-field and Far-field earthquake were considered. The mainly evaluated parameter were storey drift, storey displacement and storey force, period vibration results based on linear time history analysis considering two structures. The comparative study of four parameters considers the graphs and curves shows higher and lower values higher values show that the earthquake effect of building and damages is more.

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Neighbourhood Spatial Pattern and Noise Disturbance in Benin City, Nigeria

Akugbe Collins Oviasogie

Journal of Engineering Research and Reports, Page 37-46
DOI: 10.9734/jerr/2020/v12i417089

Noise has an environmental challenge is increasing due to urbanization, industrialization and modernization. While residential noise pollution could have adverse effect on health and social wellbeing, little attention has been directed towards investigating the implications of spatial pattern of neighbourhood facilities on noise pollution in Nigeria. This study assessed how noise disturbance is related to spatial pattern within two neighbourhoods in Benin City, Nigeria. Structured questionnaires were used to elicit information from residents on demographics and neighbourhood characteristics while residential land-mix was observed through street mapping. Sixty-six participants were randomly selected from Government Reserved Area (GRA) and Ogbe quarters of Benin City. Result showed that the neighbourhood facilities which host commercial, transportation and industrial activities were the closest to the dwelling units while natural vegetation was the farthest. Also there was spatial variation in distribution of neighbourhood features especially the commercial and recreational areas which affects the noise exposure level. The study concludes that it is necessary to mitigate noise within residential neighbourhoods through proper land use and zoning strategies.