Properties of Particle Boards Laminated with Different Grammage Decor Papers

Halil Turgut Sahin *

Department of Forest Products Engineering, Faculty of Forestry, Isparta University of Applied Sciences, Isparta, Turkiye.

Emre Beglen

Institute of Graduate Studies, Isparta University of Applied Sciences, Isparta, Turkiye.

Ugur Ozkan

Department of Forest Products Engineering, Faculty of Forestry, Isparta University of Applied Sciences, Isparta, Turkiye.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


In order for the decorative papers to be used in the surface lamination process of particle boards to meet the expected performance characteristics, they must be impregnated with specially prepared synthetic resins, especially against surface abrasion and moisture. Depending on the effects that laminated process, the bulk strength and surface physical resistance against wear are important to determine the quality of the products.

A positive relationship was found between laminated decor paper grammage and bending strengths (MOR) of samples. The control sample has a bending strength value of X̄0: 9.47 followed by X̄80: 10.92, X̄90: 11.01 and X̄110: 13.14 for 80 gr/m2-, 90 gr/m2-, and 110 gr/m2 decor paper laminated samples, respectively. It could be suggested that the lamination of decorative papers improve bending strength of boards regardless of conditions. However, only marginally different internal bond (IB) strength properties were measured for those three grammage paper laminated samples (X̄0: 0.38 N/mm2, X̄80: 0.37 N/mm2, X̄90: 0.38 N/mm2 and X̄110: 0.36 N/mm2). Moreover, more complicated results were found for surface strengths, with a decreasing trend for samples that laminated both 90 gr/m2 and 110 gr/m2 decor papers, while an increasing trend was found with 80 gr/m2 laminated samples. In contrast to surface strength and IB properties, an increasing surface abrasion resistance found with decor paper grammage while the highest initial surface abrasion resistance was found with 110 gr/m2 grammage decor paper laminated samples (X̄110: 373). It is also important to note that all samples were found to be Class 4 in terms of surface scratch resistance, regardless of lamination process or type of laminated decor paper grammage.

Keywords: Decor paper, particle board, lamination, resing impregnation, surface properties

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Sahin, Halil Turgut, Emre Beglen, and Ugur Ozkan. 2024. “Properties of Particle Boards Laminated With Different Grammage Decor Papers”. Journal of Engineering Research and Reports 26 (7):269-77.


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